Talk time Edmonds is part of the group in the International Students Club, aiming to help international students (like me:) to practice English, and also share culture. 
I participated and practiced my English in Talk Time every two weeks, and I really enjoy talking with people from other countries. 
The Manager Dana Huff ask me to re-design their logo, making it more energetic and young. 
Talk Time Sketches
The idea is trying to show 'talking'...
Digital Logo Sketches
"Quotes commas are fun, but it can make them like communicating, that may be better"
Final Logo
The font style I keep is like the old English style because I remembered that when I learn first learn English in China, it looks like this: Serif font and Elegant. 
The color of the logo from the most common country flag color. 
The logo seems like talking with each other and the whole looks like smiling.
Old Business Card
Bussines Card
Requirement: using the group photo
The logo for Edmonds College Internation Group
T-Shirts for the Volunteers

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