“Eradicating preventable diseases”
LinkVax is a non-profit organization that partner with local businesses to help raise money for Gavi. In order to accomplish their vission and to erradicate preventable diseases, LinkVax will act as a bridge between the resources of the business, and the organizations planning and executing vaccination progams in lower-income families around the world. LinkVax’s targets on educating the community about the social impact of providing available vaccines to prevent health-disparties around the world. Regconizing disparity is the first step of creating a social impact to our society.

What is Branded?
Branded: Idea to Identity is a creative collaboration between Seattle Pacific University Visual Communication Design students and Social Venture Plan Competition. It is an opportunity for di!erent disciplines to learn from each other and work together in cross functional teams to create a visual identity for proposed use in the Social Venture Plan Competition.
Our Design Group Member
Astrid Bui   Graciela Montagomery    Haley Locke    Keely Dolan    Ziwei(Vivian) Liu
All shapes should feature a rounded edge of 0.05in where applicable, avoiding any harsh corners.

Our Logo
Our Posters
Our Inforgraphic
Our Icons
Our Advertisement Video
Merchandise for LinkVax

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