College life is colorful, but at the same time, college students are also faced with all kinds of pressures. College students have to guarantee excellent grades and face other pressures. For example, many students choose off-campus internships and part-time jobs in college life to help their families reduce the financial burden. At the same time, they need to deal with interpersonal relationships with various classmates and professors, and if they participate in the club, they also need to help with other things in the club, and so on. These things have taken up a lot of their time, and some do not get enough rest and sleep. The AIS said that students are not getting nearly enough sleep because of the pressure put on their shoulders. They reported that eight in 10 college students experience frequent stress.
Moreover, with the development and impact of the epidemic, the pressure on students is gradually increasing. Students have been studying online for almost a year. During this period, students facing graduation did not have the grand graduation ceremony in the past but a simple online ceremony instead. Furthermore, many school events have also been forced to cancel and move online. Most of the students facing graduation feel unable to plan their future in this uncertain situation, adding to their stress. Stress can affect health, but it can also lead to negative emotions and poor mental health.
Inspiration + What We Hope
In traditional Chinese medicine, there is hope to hear, ask, and examine, judging the patient's physical condition by seeing, listening, speaking, and diagnosing the pulse. My inspiration comes from this. I hope to relax my nerves and improve my mood by watching and listening. 
Our project hopes that students can healthily release stress, and we hope that they can release stress anytime, anywhere. We learned that students often use music to release stress, which was the inspiration for this project, and we asked whether changes in the senses could affect people's emotions. In an independent space, people can relax their minds, stabilize their emotions through meditation, and find a positive direction to face problems.
Functions of Color
💡Changing the light of the room to help people's mind
Based on all the information I collected, Ding room comes to my mind. As the name suggests, I hope that people can refresh their mental after entering the room, which helps them relax and organize their emotions. So I choose to combine meditation in the room to help students build a calm mind. From the video by The Dalai Lama and Paul Ekman, “Calm mind can see things more clearly and more realistically and also more holistically.” In other words, a calm mind can help students better to find their goals and values, in this way to build their confidence in their college life. 
Ding project hopes that the entire experience design for college students can impress users deeply and conveniently. Enter the room via a QR code by registering on your mobile phone, which saves college students time. Students can put their belongings in the storage box at the door. At the same time, we understand that most college students' transportation is the bicycle, so we also set up a bicycle parking lot around the room. There are also vending machines and rest benches to give students a short wait time.
Design Process
Brand Guidelines & Logo
What's the Ding room look like? 
At the beginning of this project, our goal was to solve the stress problem of college students. We hope to help them release stress healthily and conveniently through surveys and research. I believe ding room does this. Meditation and visual changes can change people's moods to a great extent. At the same time, small and confined spaces can also give students a sense of security and privacy. If possible, I hope that the room can add or remove more sensory experiences in the future. Imagine if the fountain or water steam may also help reduce stress. Alternatively, any touching and smell may also be considered based on further research. Another aspect is the idea of ​​energy recycling. If the energy system of the ding room can be upgraded to be self-sufficient, we can continue to study and explore.
The ding room is currently designed for college students, but I hope this is not the end of this project because people often feel stressed and tired in many public places, such as airports and shopping malls. All kinds of people pass by here. Ding room is willing to be a space where people can have a short and comfortable relaxation time and make travel and life articulately and more enjoyable.
In this project, I learned how to design experience design. As designers, we need to provide users with a complete service. At the same time, as a designer, I realize my value. Designers should solve the problems that people face in life.

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